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Adding Your Law Firm To Search London Solicitors Directory

It can't be simpler, send an email ( E-Mail Us Here ) and provide your full practice details. If you are alrady listed but want to edit the information, drop us a one line message with your corrected details.

To add a link to your website, the cost is only £9.99 for a full 12 months and just £25.00 for a banner link. We create the banner for you. Banners may be placed in both regional and up to three specialist areas, then £5.00 per additional area. If you would like to discuss other options please telephone 01727 825 999


Examples of links

Caladashins Solicitors Standard £9.99 link £12 Months
222 Northfield Avenue
W13 9SJ

Anthony Holden Crofts and Co. These Entries are FREE
15-17 Broadway
W13 9DA

Debidins Solicitors
6 Broadway
W13 0SR

G J Templeman Solicitors
14 Northfield Avenue
W13 9RJ

Ealing Solicitoes, Hayes - Burcombe & Co Solicitors in London Banner Link £25 12 Mths
Hayes Burcombe Solicitors

Sinclair House
The Avenue
W13 8NT
Outside office hours,
01202 653 369,
at any time day or night. Includes additional phone number

McPhersons Solicitors
32 Milford Road
W13 9HZ



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Solicitors and your business

No matter whether you are are alreading in business or just starting out, a solicitor will guide you through the maze of common obstacles such as; company structure and whether it is of more benefit to trade as a sole trader or as a limited company. What legal partnerships are and how you legally stand.

It is always worth getting your solicitor to look at and explain all the implications of the terms of your lease. Or indeed the legal restrictions of running your business from home.

Before you discuss loans etc with your bank manager, seek legal advice from your lawyer, they will adise you on the sources of finance that are available their legal implications. Do this before you decide to mortgage the family home? Whilst on the subject of finances, a solicitor can advise how to keep taxes to a minimum too.

Solicitors can help keep your leg work to a minimum, before you contact your insurance broker as your solicitor if they can expose any risks relating to premises, employees, assets and visitors. A solicitor will be able to give you impartial advice on the type of insurance you need, then you can consult your insurance broker with the right information.

Employment law can be complicated and because most disputes arise out of poor dismissal procedures that don't conform to the statutory requirements. Poorly drafted employment contracts can get you into trouble, ask a solicitor to examine yours. What happens if you fall out with your business partner or fellow shareholders, can you be forced out of the business? A solicitor can help you make sure that responsibilities and profits are divided fairly.

Accident Advice and Claims.

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